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Golf Shoe Brands List
Golf is a unique sport which requires lots of walking, flexibility and stability. You also need to be able to stand securely on uneven surfaces. Golfers also face unique challenges like sand traps, wet grass, rain, deep grass and sometimes woods. Because of this golfers require special shoes.

Callaway Golf Shoe Brand
Callaway, a well-known golf brand, makes popular lines of golf shoes. Their shoes offer solid cushioning and lightweight comfort. The Xfer Sport Golf Shoes, feature dynamic traction technology for superior turf grip. They also come with a two-year warranty. Callaway shoes offer good protection from the elements, they are available in soft spikes and traditional metal ones. They tend to bit a bit on the pricey side though, normally $100 a pair and up.

Ecco Golf Shoe Brand
Danish shoemaker Ecco burst onto the scene with their hybrid golf shoes. Today they continue to be an innovator in the golf shoe market. Their Tour Hybrid is available in a range of upper patterns and colors, each shoe also comes equipped with a moisture wicking second skin lining.

Etonic Shoe Brand
Etonic is a well respected brand of golf shoe. One of their hot new shoes is the Etonic Difference brand. These shoes are sturdy, light and durable. They are even lined with a NASA developed space age material to reduce heat and moisture within the shoe. The Difference will run about $145 per pair. Their shoes also employ something known as "Power Up" technology, for superior balance and stability.

Foot Joy Shoe Brand
Foot Joy
is an extremely popular brand of Golf Shoes. They are high quality shoes and can be a bit on the expensive side, however many golfers think that they are worth the price.

Popular FootJoy Shoe's include
Icon, GreenJoys, Contour Series, Superlites, SYNR-G, Sport and DryJoys Tour. As you can see they make a wide and diverse range of Golf Shoes. They run in the average price range of $100 - $200 per pair. FootJoy also allows you to custom build your own shoe through their website, great idea for a present.

Nike Shoe Brand
Nike is another shoe brand that is quite popular with golfers. Nike is known for producing high quality tennis shoes and with Golf this rule continues to hold true. Nike shoes are excellent quality and will well serve your golfing needs. Nike golf shoe line includes Heritage, Air Academy, Lunar Control, Air Tour Saddle, Zoom Trophy, Zoom Advance, Air Range WP, Air Rival, Air Anthem, Zoom TW 2011 and Zoom Bandon. Nike Golf Shoes will average around a $100 per pair give or take.