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Running Shoe Brands List with Logos
Todays runners are more demanding than ever before, that's why it is important to select a high quality pair of running shoes. While comfort is very important, the latest trend is light, lighter and lightest. Ultralight running shoes are all the rage right now. Gel filled soles that offer cushioning and bounce are also a hot trend.

One thing is for sure, you have choices like never before, that's why it pays to research before you buy. That way you can be sure to get the right pair of running shoes.
Adidas Running Shoe Brand
Adidas is a world-famous shoe brand which manufactures a large variety of shoes specifically designed for runners. Adidas lines of running shoes include: Pure Boost, Supernova Boost, Climachill Rocket Boost, Energy Boost, CC Ride and the interesting looking Springblade shoes.

The Springblade shoes have lightweight polymer blades which are designed to absorb shock and propel you forward. They almost look like little caterpillar feet growing out of the bottom of the shoe.
Slogans: Leave A Legacy
Asics Running Shoe Brand
Another brand popular with runners, Asics creates shoes with sleek modern styles that people like to wear. Their comfortable gel cushioning technology is a favorite of many runners. These gel equipped athletic shoes provide excellent support and reduce shock. A little known fact is that Asics stands for "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano". Which in Latin means "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body". Slogan: Gel Equipped
Brooks Running Shoe Brand
Brooks is a running shoe brand that is headquartered in Seattle Washington. Brooks recently celebrated a 100 year anniversary. Brooks is certainly not a fly-by-night shoe brand, as the Brooks brand has stood the test of time.

All Brooks products come with a no questions asked, 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Best-selling lines of Brooks running shoes include: adrenaline, ghost and beast.
Slogan: Rise above the run.
Hoka One One Running Shoe Brand
If you're looking for ridiculously comfortable, oversized running shoes, then Hoka One One might be the brand for you. Hoka One One has designed a shoe for all runners looking to improve their performance, from casual joggers to elite athletes, Hoka One One has a running shoe for you.

The key to their shoe is the unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.
Slogan: Time to Fly.

Runners who wear Hoka running shoes include: Track Athletes - Leo Manzano - Olympic Medalist , Mike Rutt, Nicole Schappert , Lee Emanuel and De’Sean Turner. Triathletes - Rob Lea, Conrad Stoltz, Rachel McBride, Tony Spineto. Ultra Runners - Karl Meltzer, Dave Mackey, Darcy Africa, Sage Canaday, Jen Benna, Russell Gill, Simon Gutierrez, Jon Olsen, Magdalena Boulet, Nikki Kimball, Alisha Little, Travis Macy, Mike Morton, Chris Price, Bob Shebest, Paul Terranova, Michael Wardian and Jeremy Wolf.
Mizuno Running Shoe Brand
Mizuno is a Japanese brand of running shoes that makes a popular line of running shoes called "Wave". Mizuno invites you to try to achieve a Mezamashii run, which is essentially the perfect run. "Mezamashii" means brilliant in Japanese.

Founded in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno, Mizuno has a loyal base of runners that prefer no other shoe. Known for high quality, extremely lightweight shoes.
Slogan: Never Settle
New Balance Running Shoe Brand
New Balance is an American shoe brand which is headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, they were founded in 1906. According to their website, in 2013, 1 out of every 4 pairs of shoes sold in the USA by New Balance was also made or assembled in the US.

Their logo is a NB which stands for New Balance, most shoes feature a large capital N which makes them easy to spot. Their newest running shoes feature what they call fresh foam technology. Their website also allows you to design a custom built shoe, just for you. Tagline: Let's make excellent happen.
Nike Running Shoe Brand
Nike is one of those iconic brands of shoes, everyone is familiar with the famous swoosh logo. Nike running shoes not only make you fast, they make you feel as if you are running on air.

Designed to be lightweight and to hug your foot like a glove. I have owned several pairs of Nike running shoes and they have always held up well for me.
Slogan: Just Do It , Revolution Of Speed
Saucony Running Shoe Brand
An American manufacturer of running shoes and apparel. The brand is well-liked among runners and has a good reputation for making quality shoes. Saucony is a favorite brand among many Women runners.

The Kinvara line of shoes is a top seller for Saucony, they cost around $100 a pair. The Cohesion 7 and Guide 7 are also strong sellers.
Slogan: Find Your Strong
Skechers Running Shoe Brand
In my lifetime I've watched sketchers develop into a powerhouse of a shoe brand. The sketchers GOrun line of shoes, invites you to Go Like Never Before, with their new running shoes that promotes a midfoot strike. The shoe was designed to meet the specialty needs of runners. The shoes are highly flexible, radically lightweight, allow you to run without socks and offer lots of room for your toes. The shoes were specifically designed to offer less heel drop when running, the idea is to bring the runner closer to a natural barefoot experience.

Sketchers shoes are hard to miss, as they feature a large S logo which always kind of reminded me of the one on Superman's cape. They also come in a wide range of bright colors. In the past, Skechers has successfully used celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Joe Montana and Christina Aguilera to endorse their products. Slogan: Go like never before.
Vibram Running Shoe Brand
They make the crazy looking shoe, that has separate compartments for your toes and looks kind of like a glove on your feet. Surprisingly, people seem to like them. Designed to be like running almost barefoot, there are many with positive reviews for this brand.

When you run in the shoes you have to use a forefoot strike, you do not want to land on your heel while wearing these shoes. They are made to fit tightly, so putting them on can be a struggle at 1st, until you get the hang of it. After you do get them, they will feel very comfortable. The shoes are normally calledcalled Vibram five fingers, because of the unique design.