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Tennis Shoe Brands List with Logos
Tennis is a difficult sport which requires a lot of running and twisting of your ankles. Therefore you need a tennis shoe that will allow you to move freely, while at the same gripping the court. Your shoe has to be comfortable while at the same time properly supporting your ankle.

This will allow you to track down some hard-to-reach shots, without fear of injury. Here is a list of top tennis shoe manufacturers that meet the demanding needs of today's tennis players.
Adidas Tennis Shoes Brand
Adidas is a very well known shoe for tennis players. The Barricade line is quite popular and has attractive styling. Adidas tennis shoes cost around $120 per pair.
Slogans: Leave A Legacy
Asics Tennis Shoes
These are really slick looking tennis shoes. They have nice designs and are aerodynamic looking. The Asics Gel-Resolution is a hot line of tennis shoes. Asics shoes cost around $115 per pair. They come in some really hot colors.
Babolat Tennis Shoe Brand
Best known for making tennis rackets, Babolat a French manufacturer also makes shoes for tennis players. Looking for ultimate traction and durability? Babolat uses a Michelin rubber outsole for ultra grip, this is the same rubber used in Michelin tires for automobiles. Many of their shoes also offer a unique strap called a FootBelt which makes sure the shoe is securely locked in place, anice feature.

K-Swiss Tennis Shoes
makes some high quality shoes for tennis players. Prices range from around $55 for their Grancourt line. Up to as much as $115 per pair for the nice Bigshot line. Most players gave these shoes fairly high marks in reviews. The Ultrascendor line was given good reviews and cost around $95 per pair. They have a new line of shoes called Tubes which looks promising.

Lotto Tennis Shoe Brand
An Italian brand of tennis shoes, Lotto is definitely a player in the tennis shoe business. The sought after Raptor line of Lotto, features a Longlast rubber outsole which is extrtemely durable. I personally like the way these shoes hug the court, allowing me to change pace quickly without loss of traction.

New Balance Brand
New Balance produces a line of high quality court tennis shoes. All New Balance tennis shoes feature a stylish looking "N" logo on the sides of their shoes. They are traditionally offered in white with some added color, yet some of their new shoes have some snazzier styling like the "851" line. Which includes added color and futuristic styling. All of their tennis shoe lines are identified by number, the lower number denotes a cheaper shoe. They range from the lower end "656" all the way to the high end "1187" shoe which runs around $125.
Slogans: Game. Set. Match, Let's Make Excellent Happen.
Nike Tennis Shoes
Nike makes some very popular tennis shoes. Nike is one of those iconic brands of shoes. Nike City Court and Air Max Court are 2 very nice brands of tennis shoes. The Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 is also a really nice shoe, will cost around $100. Nike tennis shoes will average around $75 per pair. Nike makes by far the most diverse line of shoes on the market, with hundreds of different styles and looks.

Prince Tennis Shoes
Known for their devotion to tennis, Prince is a manufacturer of all things tennis, including footwear. Most Prince tennis shoes feature the large P logo on the side of the shoe. Prince sells 3 lines of popular tennis shoes including: T 22, QT Scream and the Warrior line. If you're looking to be a Prince on the court, try a pair on for size.

Wilson Tennis Shoes Brand
Wilson makes some excellent quality tennis shoes. They also have some nice, snazzy styling to them. Most have a nice 2 or tri color look to them. The Tour Vision, Tour Fantom and Tour Spin are all really nice. They are fairly well priced too at around $85 per pair.

Yonex Tennis Shoe Brand
Yonex is another brand of tennis shoes that most players would be proud to own. Their shoes seem to be quite durable which is another plus for Yonex. The newest 3 layer Power Cushion absorbs and even reverses impact energy. This helps protect your body and at the same time reduce fatigue. 2014 Australian Open winner Stanislas Warinka wears Yonex tennis shoes.